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The concept for this event was the launch of a new ship, idea represented by “full steam ahead!” written on all promotional materials; invitations, presentation leaflets, posters, roll-ups. The inspiration came from the very specific of the company – transport and logistics, and also by the very important moment marked by this event: a new logistics terminal and new beginning for DSV Solutions in Romania. The new site has been decorated to look like a ship ready for launch; everything was painted in white and navy. The 250 guests were press, customers and employees. The event had three main parts: press conference, business cocktail and a spectacular laser show. The most cheered moment was the lights and laser show that took place in the DSV warehouse – ship’s engine. The technological process was presented in an ingenious way – a practical demonstration that involved theatrical techniques.

Music, lights and laser projections were synchronized with the move of the fork lifters and machinery involved in warehouse delivery and reception activities.