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Everything what our audience gets to see, feel, touch or taste at an event is a multisensory experience guided by the organizer by recomposing a story. The concept is the story that attracts the audience to the event from receiving the invitation. Organizing the event around a concept involves telling the story of all the resources involved: catering, program, decor, location and any other elements that can influence the perception of the participants.


Organizing an event is the most effective means of direct communication to groups of people. Until the target audience reaches the event, we want to attract and keep it interested. Our role is to gradually introduce it into the experience of the event. Step by step we implement and adapt our communication with the target audience before and after the event to get the most out of your experience during the event.


Managing the resources needed to organize an event contributes essentially to its success. In over 12 years of experience, we have created and developed stable relationships and partnerships with specialized suppliers in various fields of activity. The value we offer to our clients is not just about providing resources, but also about our ability to integrate these resources into the management and story of the event.


We call ourselves “Take 1” after an expression used in cinematography, which marks the fact that it is filming. In organizing an event, everything is happening live, there is no “take 2”, so you have only one chance for everything to go out perfectly. Besides detailed planning, Take 1 team offers creative concepts and the experience of a pleasant collaboration with responsible, passionate and determined people to make the most spectacular events.


One of our working principles is described by the phrase “two is one, one is none”. Our plan does not start from the requirements or deadlines, but from the experience we want to give to the audience participating in the event. From the receipt of the first information, what the audience sees, hears, interacts, back-up plans, etc. we transcribe the journey of the guests to the event in the specific requirements that we take care to accomplish.


In organizing an event, implementation is the stage where everything we have planned materializes into concrete results. At this level of organization are tested the practical abilities of a good organizer; on the ground things can stay different than you anticipated on the paper and then the experience and a code test of good practice can save the day.